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Our Facility

Motivated by a passion for animals and commitment to quality pet care, we strive to provide the highest level of support and attention to cat lovers and their four-legged companions..

Our facility offers spacious suites, each uniquely outfitted to provide a clean, cozy, safe space for your cat. From intriguing hiding spots to climbable shelving and toys, your cat's curiosity will get the best of her (when she's not catnapping)!

Our rooms are approximately 20 square feet and 8 feet tall to take advantage of vertical space - the perfect size to accommodate cat families up to 3 guests per suite. Some of our suites are also able to collapse into each other, creating an even bigger space for larger families.


The Cat Cottage is kept impeccably clean, with room service several times a day, as well as the use of air purifying technology. Security cameras are in use when a human is not on the premises, to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests. 

Each suite is managed by a whiteboard system that tracks each guest's meals, medications, cleaning, and any other activities - this ensures all of our guests receive the utmost in individual care and attention.


Pet parents are expected to bring their cat's food and any other necessary items, such as medications, and are also encouraged to bring something soft that smells like home. This can be anything - a pet bed, a towel, a t-shirt -and will be kept in your cat's suite, helping to ease any anxiety over being away from their home and loved ones.


Please note that medications to be administered must be disclosed and discussed prior to your cat's stay. While we are highly experienced with a range of medications, as non-medical professionals, we reserve the right to deny providing care if it falls outside of our abilities. That said, we make every effort to accommodate the needs of every guest! We do offer insulin injections for our diabetic friends, with onsite refrigeration. We are also highly skilled at administering pills, within reason!

Cats do not physically interact with other guests while at the Cat Cottage. This is to help ensure their safety and comfort. All cats take turns enjoying ample "open door" time - each day, the suite door will be opened for awhile and the guest(s) within can explore the bigger play area and interact with the humans onsite.

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